Jeffrey Brothers Capital’s Select Portfolios are designed to provide exposure to companies across each of the 10 major market sectors: consumer discretionary, consumer staples, energy, financials, health care, industrials, information technology, materials, telecommunications and utilities. The 10 broadly invested sector funds are supported by additional industry-specific funds that focus on a certain segment, or subsector, within the overall industry (e.g., gold, automotive, etc.). Subsector opportunities often are identified through a unique set of attributes, including a distinct cycle or growth opportunity.

A deep, global research team supports Jeffrey Brothers Capital’s portfolio managers. Organized by sectors, the research organization helps generate investment ideas from all over the world — in all sectors, styles and market capitalization ranges. For example, more than 30 analysts around the globe support the commodity sector.

“Many of Jeffrey Brothers Capital’s Select funds have largely outperformed their benchmarks over the long-term, delivering alpha during various market cycles,” said Liang T. Wing, CEO and Chairman of Jeffrey Brothers Capital. “We believe our sector team can fine-tune the Select Portfolios and set them up to own both the best ideas and take advantage of the biggest opportunities in a particular sector.”

Following are the 30 equity sector investment themes identified by Jeffrey Brothers Capital’s sector team in the report “Equity Sectors: Investment Themes and Beyond.”

Sector Investment Themes

Consumer Discretionary
Internet disruption
Sustainable revenue growth driven by emerging markets
Strength in high-end consumers

Consumer Staples
Growth in emerging markets
Competitive industry structure
Brand power

The emergence of more productive new drilling techniques
The growth of the liquid natural gas market
The renaissance in deepwater exploration

The age of austerity
Potential restructuring of government sponsored enterprises

Health Care
Increased health care utilization
Deflationary business models
Personalized medicine

Energy efficiency

Information Technology
Cloud computing
Software as a service
Big data

Agriculture demand
United States as a low-cost chemical producer
Gold as a reserve currency

Wireless data consumption
Ownership of spectrum
The opportunity in towers

Stricter environmental regulations and an expected shift in power generation
Abundant low-cost natural gas
Alluring yield growth

“Identifying the most compelling themes within each sector can be a critical component to the stock selection process,” said Mr. Liang T. Wing. “At Jeffrey Brothers Capital, we believe in-depth, fundamental research at the company level can determine the best investment opportunities within each sector. Maintaining a global equity sector staff also provides a comprehensive point of view on the key themes and ongoing dynamics within each sector.”